Condo Insurance

Complete Insurance on Your Condominium

Protect Your Investment

If you own a condominium or a co-op, the bank will require insurance to protect your investment in the property. However, more insurance may be necessary to cover your personal items, any liabilities, or fees for shared areas of the building.

Since 2011, Forsythe Insurance Services has helped local condo owners find the best insurance policies to suit the needs of their specific property. Monthly payments at outstanding rates are available!

Two Separate, Necessary Policies

You'll need two separate policies for your condo:

Your own insurance policy
This provides coverage for your personal possessions, any structural improvements and additional living expenses if you've been the victim of fire, theft, or any other disaster. Liability protection is also included.

A "master policy" provided by the condo or co-op board
This covers all shared common areas in your building, including the roof, basement, elevator, boiler, and walkways for both liability and physical damage.

To properly insure your apartment, it is important to know which structural parts of your home are and are not covered by the condo/co-op association. This information should be found in your association’s bylaws and/or proprietary lease.

Additional Condo Coverage Available

  • Unit assessment - Reimbursement for your share of an assessment charged to all owners due to a covered loss, such as a fire in the lobby.
  • Water back-up - This insures your property for any damages caused by the backing up of drains or sewers.
  • Umbrella liability - This is an affordable way to get more liability protection and broader coverage than what is in a standard policy.
  • Floor or earthquake coverage - If you live in a region prone to flood or earthquakes, you'll need to purchase separate flood and earthquake policies.
  • Floater or endorsements - If you own expensive items, such as jewelry or collectibles, additional coverage may be a good option as well.
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Personalized Service

When you work with Forsythe Insurance Services, you'll get the individual attention you deserve to find the right policy to fit your needs. Our owner Robert has 26 years of experience in the insurance industry and is well-versed in all types of policies and coverage.
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Forsythe Insurance Services is a Trusted Choice insurance agency.
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